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10 Tips to Promote Speech and Language Skills in Your Child

10 Tips

By Karin Howard, M.A., CCC-SLP

The communication skills of a newbon are astonishing. In fact, speech and language development visibly occurs immediately after birth. Moments after the birth of my daughter, I looked into her eyes and said "Welcome, Rebekah. We have all been waiting for you." Then, through body language, she communicated back to me. Searching with her little mouth she instantly and non-verbally expressed that she was hungry. As she began to nurse, I knew that we had begun to communicate.

Research in Speech and Hearing Sciences recognizes the communication skills of newborns and even the developing fetus during the last trimester of pregnancy. Nonetheless, parents tend to concentrate on the physical growth of their young child as he or she develops. While physical development is very important, communication skills are equally important. In fact, these two areas of development are interdependent for a healthy child.

The following are ten ways you can nurture the five different areas of speech and language development in typically developing infants and toddlers.

Social Language

1) Eye contact. When communicating with your child, look at his or her face and eyes as often as possible. This helps your child learn that it is appropriate to look at people during communication. Children learn a lot about you through facial expressions and acquire articulation skills by watching the movement of your mouth.

2) Taking turns. Talk to your child and then pause to give them a moment to verbalize. This teaches them the art of turn taking. This skill can also be accomplished during play, using objects and toys.

Expressive Language

3) Give your child space. When your child is trying to communicate with you and you know what they want, give them a few seconds before you instantly meet their needs. This will give them the opportunity to vocalize (coo and babble), point, or attempt a word.

4) Give your child choices and then let them express their choice by pointing, vocalizing, or attempting words. The feelings of confidence a child gains by expressing their own choice are building blocks for further exploration of expressive language.

Receptive Language

5) Get your child to follow instructions. Start with simple requests that only involve one element, such as "smile" or "kiss." Then increase to two elements when one element becomes easy for your child (i.e. "Hand up," or "Touch your nose," and so on).

6) Read simple books to your child with one or two pictures on each page. Ask them questions that can be answered verbally or by pointing to the correct picture. Try not to put too much pressure on them. If your child does not respond after about 10 or 15 seconds, model the answer for them with a positive tone of voice.

Vocabulary Development

7) Reinforce and demonstrate. If your child produces a verbal attempt that resembles a word, praise them with a pleasant tone of voice and then model the word that you think they attempted. For example, if the child says "ba" for ball, say "You said ball. Yes, it is a ball!"

8) Explore. There are wonderful opportunities to model vocabulary out in the community. A simple trip to the market can be a great chance to name items for your child.


9) Observe how often other people understand your child's speech. This will give you an idea of how clear his or her articulation really is (parents usually understand their children more than an outside listener). Don't worry if your toddler is not producing all the sounds in the English language. Many sounds may not develop until four years of age or later. However, you should consider consulting a speech pathologist if it is extremely hard to understand your child's speech at 3 years of age.

10) Articulate your words clearly when you communicate withh your child. Speak slowly and remember to look directly at your child's face.

While speech and language development varies with each child, there is no question that positive daily involvement from a parent and/or a loving caregiver makes the process much smoother. You, the parent, are the "super model" for your child's speech and language development. Taking time to put these tips into action can give you a thoughtful approach as you interact with your amazing little communicator.

Karin Howard is a practicing speech/language pathologist in Los Angeles. She has taught "Mommy and Me" classes that emphasize speech and language to aid parents of typically developing infants and toddlers. She is also the creator of "Exploring Language through Song and Play," a CD set with an accompanying lyric and activity book. You can learn more about this CD set here. There is also a Buy Now button on the upper right side bar of this website if you wish to purchase this CD set.

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January 17, 2010

Jenny @ 8:14 pm

Hi, i enjoy your site and I this article is great. I wanted to ask you about my 3 year old. We speak both English and Spanish at home, and she is not at the level of other 3 year old.she talks a lot and is very smart. she knows her ABC,numbers up to 50 with help, colors only green, yellow and blue. She understands well and can follow commands as well. My only concern is that her speech is not as clear as others, she has problem with the G,C,K,Q letter. I am sure others letters as well. She is at home with me, and she is not in daycare yet. I know that if she was it will be different. I had her evaluated at 18 months, and 2 years old and she did not qualify for early intervention. They told me she was not delayed enough to get therapy to just giver more time. she did gained more words, since then but I don't know if is normal for her to be this way? some strangers do understand her, so I might be just overeating. Is is normal for her speech not to be so clear?

January 18, 2010

Tami @ 1:17 pm

Hi Jenny,

Research indicates that a familiar listener should be able to understand 70%-80% of what a 3 year old says in conversation. The sounds that you mention above that your daughter is having difficulty with (g,k,c,q) are usually mastered around 3, but often take until closer to 4 years of age to stop producing those sounds in the front of the mouth ("tar" for "car"). If that is what she is doing than she will probably outgrow it, but if she is still doing this by 4 then I would take her for another evaluation.

Because she is understanding everything and on target with her pre-academic skills, I think you're fine to be introducing her to two languages so early. Unless a child is showing signs of a language delay (not talking or only a couple of words by 3) then introduction to a second language is great and they do learn it better the earlier they are exposed.

So it sounds like she is doing just fine. And again, it is normal to not understand 100% of a 3 year old's speech.

I hope this is helpful.

January 26, 2010

S. K. Jena @ 9:36 am

This guideline is very useful. We are in touch with a Occupational Therapy for our son. Your advice and guideline are very useful.

God bless you,


May 22, 2010

victoria beckles @ 9:02 am

these comments have been very helpful at one and a half years old my son was only saying dada after that he was just babbling since then he was seeing a speech pathologist he had to stop recently because of his behaviour so he is currently seeing a psychologist for behaviour modification he has been diagnosed as having social communication disorder which is an autistic spectrum disorder my question is how to i help him with his expressive speech so that he can get along with others socially

May 25, 2010

safina sayed @ 5:17 am

hello my son is 33 months old ,he has prolem with his receptive language,i know this problem when i saw that he does not follow my most of the commonds ,he only wants that i fullfill his demands but when i try to give an idea or any type of instruction he is reluctant to follow me ,thats why i am worried about him

June 8, 2010

Pat @ 4:08 pm

My grandson will be 4 years old tomorrow. He has a hard time pronouncing his C,G,and K's. He is able to say Christopher but does not seem to want or be able to say many other words that start with that sound. He gets frustrated when we correct him and he tries but I am not sure if I am helping him or making it worse. Any suggestions on how to make a game out of pronouncing these letters or other recomendations to help. When should be be concerned.


July 8, 2010

uma @ 1:21 am

i have 19months old boy,he understand what ever we talk,regulary words he like atta,thatha,vadhu like words he a,i,u,o,f,and 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. i have problem with he touge,he touge shape is "w", in fuchar any problem with touge,
if any surgary what after surgaary he talk command language,plz guide me.

October 11, 2010

Edward Bean@wide format printing los angeles @ 12:33 am

Thanks Author for the great information. This is a big help for my daughter.

December 22, 2010

steve jude @ 9:54 pm

Articulate your words clearly when you communicate withh your child. Speak slowly and remember to look directly at your child's face….this really works….i use it.

Jude Steven, Editor of Koi Guide

December 31, 2010

Sunitha Gujaran @ 1:18 am

Dear Mam

My son turned 3 on 28th Nov .this year. He is not at the same level as his fellow classmates interms of speech. he Makes sentences of 2 to 3 words, he is good at reading pictures recognizes colours & shapes. but when it comes to saying rhymes or conversing like a normal toddler he cannot be understood … his speech is still not clear .
he tells his name , his school name .
he can repeat any hard word also . after…
Is is normal for 3year old for unclear speech.
Pls help I am very worriesd

Tami @ 11:08 am

It is within the normal range that your son's speech is not 100% clear at 3 years of age. It is good that he is willing to repeat words that you say and that he is putting words together to make sentences. Many 3 year olds have speech that is still not clear. Depending on which sounds he is having trouble with, there is a good chance that he will outgrow this and sounds that are unclear now will start becoming more clear in the next year. You may want to consider getting a speech/language evaluation for him in the next few months if his speech doesn't get any clearer.


February 21, 2011

Reno Gurusinghe @ 10:37 am

my son is 3+ years old he was saying words when he was 1 1/2 years old but after my husband departed overseas suddenly he shut himself and didn't speak for todays date. even we tried many doctors they say he will out grow the situation. even the primary schools refuse to keep him cuz due to the speech delay he is throwing out anger. once in while if he something that interest him like a animal he would say the name (eg cat / cow) but that would be once that is all

Please enlighten me with your experience.

god bless you

March 13, 2011

paulette @ 10:22 am

my 3 1/2 year old grandchild had hearing problems since birth. He has tubes in his ears to correct the problem for the second time.He can talk, but when he wants to tell a story or engage in a conversation, he will talk alot, but very few words are understood, and he is just so excited to be able to engage in a conversation. He will say things like for instant; kk had a good day at school! We always ask him open ended questions and he will reply. Articulation seems to be a big problem for him. How can we help him with his speech problem? We have been beggging for help since he was very young, and we have a speech therapist that will be seeing him, but it will not be often. We would really like some tool's on how we can help him at home so he can catch up to the rest of the children prior to entering school. Please send me a website I can go to or help us to understand what we can possibly do for him.He is not challenged in any other area except for his speech. Thank-you

lamia @ 12:58 pm

thank you for the useful child is 5 yrs old.he reaches the last step in number 10.he has some letters not of,but i think by practicing,he will be fine.his problem is the drooling,he has no enlarged adenoids,but he has some weakness in his all muscles,and some lack of coordination between them,PLEASE tell me how to fix this,because he is about to join a school.

March 28, 2011

Tami @ 8:52 pm

Thanks for the information Linda. I can't wait to check it out!


April 29, 2011

Susan @ 8:43 pm

This is a great list. My son has a 50% delay in expressive but a small receptive delay. All these tips help!

June 13, 2011

heather johnson @ 11:09 pm

My 31 month old son has a vocab of about 700 words, He still only uses 1 word sentences, will not combine words at all. Plus, when he gets upset, he loses his abilitily to form the words he needs to express himself. Our Dr doesnt seem to be concerned yet i am

June 20, 2011

Tami @ 9:15 pm

Hi Heather,

If he has that many words, he should definitely be combining at least 2-3 word utterances. Have you done a lot of modeling for him of 2-3 word utterances? Take a look at these 2 articles. Especially pay attention to the indirect language stimulation techniques that I talk about in the first article. If you are doing all this and still he is not combining words, you may want to have his language formally assessed by a speech therapist. You can locate Child Find in your area for an evaluation.

Hope this helps,

July 7, 2011

vijayalakshmi @ 9:50 am

My sister's daughter is going to be 2 in another 14 days. She was speaking well in the initial stages till 1 1/2 yrs. suddenly she stopped speaking.she was taken for a check up was found that she has a poor eye contact and they said she has attention deficit problem (audiology tests and other tests show that she is perfect). Nowadays we are trying to talk to her by making her look at our face. she looks at us but only for few seconds. she is not trying to pronounce any new word. wat shall we do?? Tak her for a speech therapy or train at home itself. kindly giv a solution as soon as possible.

August 27, 2011

Pulak Goswami @ 12:31 pm

Dear Sir/Mam

Our 3 1/2 year daughter getting problem in expressing her words. She still cant speak as easily as other children of her age can. Her mother tongue is different than the local language we are living. Also she is learning English. As we are not fluent with local language, we use to speak in National Language (In India it is Hindi), in this way my daughter is facing four languages, mother tongue, local language, Hindi & English.

She is very intelligent in other fields, like in grasping any thing, dancing, sharp mind, she can learn things in single attempt.

Please tell me if she is normal and she is getting problem is speak due to many languages? or she has some problems? Please elaborate.

Thanks & regards

September 5, 2011

angelin sheeba @ 2:59 am

my son will be 3yrs by september 12th 2011 he is very active friendly sharp. he is in playschool now. he can count and point out numbers from 1 to 10. he sing a b c till z but not clearly. he try to repeat words but not clearly. he can communicate with one or two letter words. in our home we speak english and tamil. he almost understands both the languages. he like to listen to story but not often. he refuse to repeat certain words.he is not interested in learning or writing or coloring. he tries and escape i never force anything to him. whenyou talk to him he first say a word then start with non language words or he just show actions. he is totally different from his age group children. in school they complaint his language only. i am trying my best we even consulted child phychologist she told us to continue speaking to him for a month if he does not develope then go to speech therapist.

i am very much broken but i am trying my best to him. one day for sure he will talk to me.

October 20, 2011

Nik @ 10:27 am

Hi Karen,

Our little one is 17 months and car no problem with the C, car comes out load and clear. What we are concerned about is the lack of other words. Bababa (banana) he knows very well but that sums it up. We do speak 3 languages at home and are wondering how much impact this has on our little one.


October 23, 2011

seema @ 10:42 am

THanks for this article. I am also worried about my 2 and half year old son. His main problem is, he is not interested in talking or listening. during his speech therapy, he dont want to be introduced to each of the toys, but he wants it all to play, and throw it. He is not interested about the information we want to convey with each toy we show there.. He just want to play his own way.. does not like to be guided or controlled..
BUt he does look into the eyes wen we talk and enjoys company of others.. please advice..

Tami @ 1:24 pm

Hi Nik,

Well, a child who is developing language at a typical rate usually does well when exposed to more than one language at an early age. However, if a child is not developing language at a normal rate, then trying to learn more than one language can interfere and make it more difficult.

At 17 months, it is typical for a child to understand a lot of language and have approximately 50 words that you can understand. You can refer to this article for more information on guidelines of language development. I would recommend that you try your best to expose him to one language (doesn't matter which). Once he becomes strong in his primary language, it will be easier for him to learn other languages.

Also, you can refer to other articles on my site that may help you with ideas on how to help stimulate more language with just everyday play and activities.

Hope this helps.

Tami @ 1:29 pm

Hi Seema,

I think the best person to advise you right now would be his speech therapist. That's a bonus that he is already receiving speech therapy. She already knows your son and for that reason can provide better advise that I can.


October 24, 2011

Nik @ 12:49 am

Hi Tami,

Do you know of any formal research that indicates that you should make sure they master one language before you introduce the second language? The advice around this is really confusing.

Thanks for the other article, we are almost close to the required number although a bunch of words are only understandable by us.


Tami @ 5:31 pm


I was only suggesting that if your son is showing a delay with his language development, it might be easier for him to learn one language first. If your son were developing language at an average rate while being exposed to three languages, I'd say fantastic - keep it up.

I cannot put my finger on the exact research at the moment, but I know this to be true. You can probably do a Google search and find this out.

You say that he has many words (close to the guidelines for his age). That's great! At this age it is okay for many of his words to be understandable only to his parents. The important thing is that his words have meaning and you understand what that meaning is.

November 14, 2011

chan @ 1:16 pm


I want your expert comments/suggestions for my 4 year old son.

He was in my home country till he was 2 years old. He did not had any speech related problems when we were there. He used to talk nicely and play nicely.

We moved to US when he was 2 years 1 month old. During that time also he used to say rhymes, in english, without any problem. He used to communicate without any issues in my mother tongue.

When he was 3 years old, we sent him to PreK school. At home also we started talking in English hoping that it will make him understand and communicate well in the class. After couple of months, we started noticing that my son was saying some words twice. The words that he repeated were mostly the first words of the sentence. He used to repeat the words entirely (like word you, you, you) and sometimes the repeated words were half. Initially we thought because of his limited english vocabulary he was repeating the word and trying to think of next word.

After few months, we discussed this issue with pediatrician and she said that it was normal for kids of that age and she advised us not to concentrate much on that and talk normally with my son.

Now he is 4 years old and he is still facing this problem. Sometimes he talks nicely without any repetition. Sometimes he repeats the same word. He also has problem with the 'r' sound.

When we ask him to say any of the rhymes, he says them flawlessly. He plays nicely along with his peers at school.

He speaks fast and this makes it difficult for others to understand his words or statements.

Please advise if we should have him consulted with a speech therapist.


November 16, 2011

Fari Khan @ 1:39 pm

It is within the normal range that your son's speech is not 100% clear at 3 years of age. It is good that he is willing to repeat words that you say and that he is putting words together to make sentences. Many 3 year olds have speech that is still not clear. Depending on which sounds he is having trouble with, there is a good chance that he will outgrow this and sounds that are unclear now will start becoming more clear in the next year. You may want to consider getting a speech/language evaluation for him in the next few months if his speech doesn't get any clearer.

December 5, 2011

christine @ 8:27 am

Hi tami,
I found your article very helpful but was wondering if you have any advice for a one year old who is developing normally except for being on the low end of the normal range for expressive vocabulary. He says mama, dada, "row,row,row", some animal noises for the appropriate animal and that's about it. I only have a two and a half year old to compare him to and he was very advanced verbally, so perhaps I am not cutting him enough slack. However, I don't feel that he makes enough of an effort to mimic sounds we make and him. He is happy to just point and grunt for things (we have started to force him to at least try to say the word before we get him what he wants now). Any advice? My fear is that I wait too long if he really should have speech therapy, I know early intervention is best. Do you think we need it? Thanks so much!

December 8, 2011

Tami @ 8:25 pm

Hi Christine,
You're right that early intervention is best. However, if your son has no birth or medical history that would be contributing to a possible speech delay, then I would say that given his age of only a year, you are doing the right thing. Encouraging him to at least try to imitate your model when he want something is very good because you are letting him know that words have meaning and that we need to use words to get things that we want. If you give him everything he wants when he points and grunts or whines, it will be more difficult for him to attach meaning to those words and to have a reason to communicate.

I would say keep up what you're doing, and wait until he is closer to 2 before you get too worried.

Hope this help.

December 11, 2011

swapna @ 11:24 am

Hi Tami,
I am from India and I have twin baby boys who are now 3 yr old.
I am facing some speech problems with one of my son.
Other is doing well in speech.Atharv speaks very well in both languages which we speak at home as Marathi and English.
While Amogh is facing some speech problems with Marathi as well English.
People can understand his language but they have to listen him very carefully even as parents we do.he speaks with very low level and can not speak some words like k,l,m,n.
Both of them goes to preschool and day care,there they don't face more problems. Amogh speak all phonic sound of alphabets but not so clear.
I don't know whether i should go for his treatment as my friends used to say that he can improve with age.
What things to take care while speaking with him?do i need to treat him differently than Atharv ? Please help.


December 14, 2011

Leah Lagmay @ 11:09 pm

Hi! i have a 1 and a half years old son. I worry about her speech. He says mama and dada, baa for sheep and all the animals he sees, he says "tat". I have not heard any more words from him.. However, he tries to communicate with us by pointing what he wants.. He likes to see different pictures and says "tat". should i seek speech therapist help? i need your advice. thanks!

January 23, 2012

Pertrece Drake @ 10:31 am

I have a 12 month old,He knows his name when its called, but doesnt say any words. He only squeals, shreeks, and babbles. He doesnt call anything by name, for examle, mama, dada, baba….Nothing yet. Should I be worried, should I have him evaluated? Thanks in advance.

January 29, 2012

Tami @ 9:57 pm

The age range for babies to say their first words is just that - an age range. Some babies say their first words at 12 months and others not until 14 or 15 months. That's wonderful that e is babbling and squealing. I'd be worried if he wasn't doing any of that.

So no, I don't think you need to go for an evaluation quite yet. Give it six more months and I'm sure he'll have many words.

Thanks for visiting my site.

February 9, 2012

jayashree @ 12:22 am

Hi tami,
My 3 year old son is very fluent and somewhat clear in his native language ( malayalam) . But he doesn't know english at all( we speak malayalam at home). So if someone is asking him in english, he is repeating the question itself. I tried teaching him question and answers like "how r u" , u answer "I am fine". But he s still repeating the questions. If I ask him "how r u" he s repeating "how r u to me. Should we start speaking in english at home? He s not into a preschool yet. Please guide me through this. We live in chennai, so he HAS to learn speaking english for sure ! Kindly guide me, am so troubled coz of this.

February 19, 2012

Charlie @ 12:28 pm

my nephew is 2 and a half years old but he doesn't talk very much, he can say some words his favourite is postman pat, but we cannot get him to say any new words, he is very above average in other areas of developoment though. We all do the things above but it doesn't seem to work, we all think he can talk but he chooses not to :/

February 22, 2012

Stormy @ 9:42 am

My daughter turned 3 in Sept. She is enrolled in a PPCD program through our school district, but she is still having problems making her own sentences. She usually repeats what we say to her and if it's a question she answers it with a one or two word answer. She watches a video when she gets home from school while eating lunch and has memorized some of it and acts out little plays. She will tell us things but never has small conversations. She is a very smart little girl, she knows most colors, ABCs, she can count to 20, and follow direction very well. I'm just worried about her speech. Any ideas on how I can help her more?

February 27, 2012

Bea @ 3:35 pm

Hi Tami

My daughter will be 3 1/2 in April. She is a very bright and happy kid. She has recently been diagnosed with mild autism and her challenges are mostly language and speech.

My instinct tell me that she will be fine and outgrow this with age. My concerns are very similar to Stormy but my daughter is older.

She doesn't narrate her day's events to me when I ask her. If I mention some friends' names or some activities, she makes a connection but talks about something else related to that person or activity. She goes to full time day care. How do I get her to engage in even TWO line conversations with me. Please suggest some daily verbal exercises that I can do with her. Sometimes I am at a loss for questions and topics that I want to to talk to her about


Tami @ 10:08 pm

Hi Jayashree,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This is definitely a tricky thing with learning 2 languages. Many children pick up both languages fine at an early age and some some have more difficulty. Studies have shown, however, that a child will learn a 2nd language easier if they are strong in their first language. So, if I were you I would make sure he is very strong in his native language and then when he is exposed to English, he will catch on easier.

Hope this helps.

Tami @ 10:16 pm

Hi Charlie,

Do you feel that your nephew understands what you say to him? Have you tried withholding something he wants until he tries to imitate the word? Often this works, but sometimes this just creates frustration if the child truly cannot say or approximate the word.

Also, sometimes when a child is working hard on other areas of development(say motor), than his language development may take a back seat for a little while but then eventually catch up and even out. I would give it another few months - keep on doing what you all are doing to encourage new words. If after a few more months there is still no progress, you might suggest he be evaluated by a speech/language pathologist.

Good luck.

Tami @ 10:24 pm

Hi Stormy,

It sounds like your daughter is saying a lot of words, but just not making sentences. The methods of Indirect Language Stimulation usually work well to help expand your child's utterances. You can learn about these methods from this article:

There are salso some good tips on this article:

From all you describe, it sounds like she is just on the verge of using longer sentences and expanding her language.

Good luck to you.

Tami @ 10:47 pm

Hi Bea,

If you know your daughter's daily routine at day care it may be easier to prompt her with specific questions. Also, if you know some of the topics she is learning about, you can ask her very direct questions. Preschool age children often don't do well with open ended questions. So instead of asking "Who did you play with today?", You might want to ask "Who did you play with outside today." Or "Did you learn about dinosaurs today? Which one is your favorite?" And then if she doesn't answer or she starts talking about something else, maybe give her a couple of choices to help bring her back to the question. And then try to comment on her answer and then prompt her with another related question.

At this age, and especially with the challenges of her diagnosis, she will not be the one to engage in a back and forth conversation and so you need to be the facilitator of this. And again, asking more specific and direct questions will be easier for her to answer and then always try to comment on her response.

I really hope this has helped.

February 28, 2012

Bea @ 1:58 pm

Thanks Tami. That was very helpful. It's so nice that you actually take the effort to answer each and every question. Good work!

March 4, 2012

Judy @ 5:21 pm

My 2 year old son (just turned 2) repeats words said to him and will say juice, milk, mummy, Daddy and car but only says his sisters name when you say it. He used to say dont do that… naughty but does so less often now. He grunts if he wants something and takes you by the hand to get it. Some pointing but not alot. When he goes to the bathroom, He says hands and puts them under the tap. does not seem to respond when you ask him to pick something up..just repeats what you say including his name….. should I be worried?

Tami @ 9:41 pm

Hi Judy,
Because of what you describe here, it sounds like you would benefit from getting a speech/language evaluation for him. If he doesn't qualify for therapy, at least you will walk away with some tips and strategies on how to help him yourself and you'll also walk away with some piece of mind and alleviate some of your worries.

Good luck to you.

March 16, 2012

Cass @ 8:46 pm

I have 19 month old girl/boy twins and I worry about my lil girl more so then my son, she understands commands but isn't really talking at all like her twin brother he has a pretty good volcabulary and can string two to three word sentences, all we hear from her is "look at dat" and "wow" and "shoes".
They twin "speak" most the time which is there own little babble.
Is twin speak detrimental to there vocabulary development??
My first daughter whom is nearly 4 is a excellent speaker was talking full sentences by two and I can't help but compare them to her :(
I have read a few articles about twins being a tad slower in language development then a singleton child but I have a hard time believing that only thing that makes me think that maybe that has justification is the "twin speak" help please :)

March 18, 2012

Carla @ 4:27 am

I have a son whose 2yrs3months and is only saying yes,no,mum,dad.he has said granny,scooter,plane but it was as if they just flew out without him realising. The health visitor came out and assessed him when he turned 2 and said he was above average in every other area and very bright and not to worry but he talks all day without forming words. Health visitor also said a speech therapist won't look at him until 2 1/2, what should I do,thx

March 27, 2012

lindsay @ 2:04 pm

hi there.

i am worried about my 2.5 year old. he only says about 15 words and half of those are "his"words. ex…instead of car he will hum, monkey he says eeeee, train is choo choo etc. hi, see ya, juice, momma and daddy is about it.

he is very bright, will point out anything you ask him to find. busy and active little boy. just not talking…his name is max but he calls himself "dis dis"

we are on a waiting list to see a therapist however it is a 6-8 wait. do you think this is common? i am worried for a reason right? any tips on how to encourage speech?

thank you!!

March 28, 2012

Awyn @ 11:39 pm

Hi Tami,
I am worried about my 23 month old daughter, Anneliz. She talks a lot but mostly babble. I can understand what she says sometimes but noone else can, not even her dad. She is very active and extremely smart, but has a hard time concentrating and gets very frustrated with simple tasks. Her attention span is very limited. I thought maybe she was just lazy because it seems like she just sloughs words out of her mouth without really trying to pronounce them, But she understands commands and when she is being told "rules" she nods and says "ok". Most of the time she says things under her breath which also makes it hard to understand her, but her pronunciation is still "off" it seems to me that her speech is behind, something like that of a 15 or 18 month old. I have not had her evaluated though. On one hand I am afraid I am making a big deal out of nothing, but on the other hand I don't want to wait to long if there is a problem. She definately has about 50-60 words in her vocabulary and follows instructions very well, Though her pronunciation is not very good at all. I just want to know should I seek help or is she just fine?

March 29, 2012

Tami @ 3:21 pm

Hi Cass,

I really don't know much about twin speech. I would not think that it should interfere with language development, but I really don't know for sure. Will your daughter try and repeat a word that you've said if you get down on her level and ask her to say it like you? I'm sure you've tried this already. There must be some great information online about twin speech and perhaps you can find speech therapist who knows something more about that specific topic.

Sorry and good luck.

Tami @ 3:32 pm


Hi. If you feel like your son (and you) would benifit from having a speech evaluation, you do not have to wiat until he is 2 1/2. Have a look at this article and hopefully you will get the information you need to move forward.

In my opinion, if you suspect that there might be a speech/language delay, having an evaluation is a good idea because even if you jumped the gun a bit and he doesn't need it, at least you'll have a peace of mind that everything is ok. And a speech therapist is the best one to evaluate his development and make the judgement to start therapy or to wait a few months. Also a speech therapist is likely to give you suggestions to work at home with your son if he doesn't qualify for therapy right now.

I hope this has helped.
Good luck,

Tami @ 3:47 pm

Hi Lindsay,

This article on my website has some general age guidelines, but you also need to go by your instincts.
So at 2.5, yes he should have more words and he should be starting to combine words as well. 6-8 months seems awfully long to wait for a speech/language evaluation. Have you called around other places. At 2.5 he can also get an evaluation through your local school district's Child Find. This link will tell you more about Child Find -

Good luck Lindsay.

Tami @ 3:55 pm

Hi Awyn,

I think I would say the same thing to you as I did to both Cass and Lindsay. Please have a look at those comments. I always think that if a child is delayed with any skills, the earlier he gets intervention, the better. And like I said in one of my other comments, if your daughter goes for an evaluation and does not need therapy, at least you now have a peace of mind that her development is not that behind. So for me, I'd rather do that, than do nothing and then later wish I had done something earlier.

A mother always needs to follow her instincts when it comes to her children!

March 30, 2012

priya @ 6:58 am

dear mam/sir,

My baby is 5yrs, doctor said, she is cp child, she started only word and what i say to her she just repeats but she doesn't speech herself, i am going to a speech therapy centre, since one and half year.

But i didn't get that much result, i am very much worried, her writting slso not yet come, she walksvwith the help of afo,

She will be allright or she will be able to speek or she will not be, pls suggest me

Tami @ 9:36 am

Hi Priya,

It sounds like from what you describe about your daughter that she is quite involved. Since I have never sen her, I would not be the one to give advise or suggestions. It sounds like she has a team of therapists already working with her. They would be the ones to give advise and suggestions. You can always try a different therapist, though if you feel you are not getting results.


March 31, 2012

aayushi @ 10:25 pm

Hi Tammy
My daughter is 2 years 4 month old we have bilingual background (hindi + english) .She babbles a lot we counted her words she speaks a total of 50 + words.she is very active is able grasp things fastly .she uses sign languages a lot to convey her demands .Is she doing gud or should we seek therapist advice.

April 1, 2012

aayushi @ 9:55 pm

Hi Tammy
My daughter is 2 years 4 month old we have bilingual background (hindi + english) .She babbles a lot we counted her words she speaks a total of 50 + words.she is very active is able grasp things fastly .she uses sign languages a lot to convey her demands .Is she doing gud or should we seek therapist advice.She doesnot repeat things at that very instant.But says it after 1-2 days.

April 2, 2012

Tami @ 7:16 pm

Hi Asyshi,

From what you describe, it sounds like she may be just a little behind the norm for her age. At the age of 2.4, she should be starting to combine some easy 2 and even some 3 word combinations. However, this mild delay may be because she is learning 2 languages. Exposing a child at this young age to 2 language is wonderful and continue with what you are doing.

I would probably wait a few more months and see if she doesn't start to develop more words and some 2 word combinations. If after a few more months her language has not progressed much, then I would recommend a speech/language evaluation.

I hope this has helped.

April 3, 2012

chetna mishra @ 1:58 am

my boy child of 3 years couldnt speak yet.he make baby sound,follow some instructions,play well with his toys,points,cry n giggle 4 what he want but not speak a single word properly. we r dieing 2 know when he will speak [eg;dad,mom,potty etc] or repeat words. he can drink water by himself but dont know 2 eat by himselfe.please answer me as fast as possible.

Tami @ 10:27 am

Hi Chetna,

From what you describe, I would suggest you take him for a speech/language evaluation or a developmental evaluation. If you looked at my article on general developmental guidelines, he should be already saying many words and putting sentences together.
Have a look at this article as well, maybe it will help you to find a speech pathologist in your area and it will also inform you on how to get evaluated through your local public school district.

Good luck!

April 4, 2012

Bassam @ 3:19 pm

Hi Tami

My son Yahya will be five in September 12. He has just started his fourth quarter in pre-K and still has speech difficulties putting sentences together. He knows his shapes, numbers, & colors very well in class, but reports from his teacher is that he doesn't seem to understand questions or communicate normally, and always needs close assistance. No problems with his ears or sight, and he does understand sentences like "what is your name" and replies in one or two words, "take this plate to the kitchen" , he repeats a lot of new words or questions like eg "Hey baba, what r u doing ?". But very rare two way communication or replies to questions like "who are you friends" or "what did u do today in class". Also, he really gets frustrated when I try to repeat a question to him, and he very clearly shows me with facial expressions and anger that he has a problem expressing himself, and stumbles with words. He does speak all day but mostly unclear or mumbled and mixes up words from class or alphabets, and so much unrelated and unclear pieces of words. Many times I really feel that its us, his parents, that don't understand him than the other way round. He is really good in computer games and many times directs us to secrets in the game… Do we need to see a pathologist for this, considering the scarcity & our location in West-Africa. We are hoping he improves more and outgrows out of it, and do admit that we have noticed an improvement from last year pre-school, when nothing was understood at all in his speech, and only one word sentences. Also, please consider that English is a second language to us and we only started to talk to him in English about a year ago, when his teacher so advised. Please do advise. Thanks very much for your kind help.

April 5, 2012

LENA @ 1:46 pm


Clare @ 5:00 pm

My son is 2yrs this, talks all day but doesn't form words. He spent the first yr throwing up all the time and was told it was severe reflux, it turned out that he had a dairy allergy which then lead him to have an aversion to food and it's only recently he's started eating wee bits. He only has about 5 words. He seen a speech therapist today who said she is sure his mouth muscles aren't strong and that he doesn't use his tongue. What do I do to strengthen his muscles and will he talk with this help and she wouldn't answer any of my questions straight, just said it was going to be a long process. There's no concern in any other if his development or social skills etc my son really tries to talk and does all day, can u suggest anything to help plz

Clare @ 5:02 pm

I've been told to smear food over his top lip for him to use his tongue and to get him to drink with a straw

April 6, 2012

Preet @ 10:40 am

Hi Tami,

Thanks for the good work you are doing.My daughter is 2 years and 10 months old. We have bilingual background. We speak in native language at home and she learns English at school. She goes to school since she was 18 months.She is very smart kid and knows ABC, 1 TO 20 numbers, All colors,all shapes, All animals, body parts. She knows lot of nursery songs and sing it well. She knows lots of words in both language. I am worried because she is not talking in senescence. She will talk in one or sometimes two words. If she want's something, she will come and ask for it but in only one word. For eg, if she wants to read book, she will bring the book she wants and then just say "read". She will answer close ended questions but she will not say anything if I asked her "what did you do in school today? . Do i need to take her to doctor? Her teacher says she is extremely happy kid in school.Please advise.

April 7, 2012

Tami @ 2:41 pm

Hi Bassam,

That's very positive that he has shown progress with his communication since last year. What is of consideration, however, is that you say he is becoming frustrated and shows anger when he is not understood. I've seen many children with behavior problems die to lack of communication skills or lack of being understood.

It is unfortunate that you are not near a city where you could take your son in to see a speech pathologist. That is what I would recommend. In the meantime, however, look around my site at some different articles. I have a lot of information on different techniques and tips for helping to stimulate communication skills.

I wish you the best of luck.

Tami @ 2:45 pm

Hi Lena,

Pleas explain to me what you mean about her upper front teeth. Does she have an open bite or an overbite, does she have a narrow palate.

Let me know and maybe I'll be able to help.


Tami @ 2:55 pm

Hi Clare,

Is it good that you are starting him in speech therapy now and yes, he will make progress. But be sure to ask the therapist for exercises and homework that you can work on with him too. It sounds like he needs more than once a week and so if you can also do some of the intervention with him, that would be good. Maybe you can sit in on the sessions and that way you can see what she is doing so that you can then work on the same throughout the week.

Yes, putting some peanut butter or something like that on the top of his lip is good - also you can put some in the corners of his mouth and have him lick it off. See if he will imitate you doing silly things with your tongue - like sticking it way out and sticking it in, licking all around your lips, make your cheeks poke out on either side with your tongue. There are lots of ways you can help increase his muscle tone. And yes, drinking through a straw is also good, but do this also with smoothies and things like that so he has to use more muscle to get it out.

Good luck and definitely ask the therapist for activities and exercises to do at home.


Tami @ 3:12 pm

Hi Preet,

Asking her an open ended question like "what did you do in school today?" is difficult for children of that age who are talking in sentences. That's even difficult for 3-4 year olds. Will she repeat a word that you have said? Like when she wants something and she takes you to what she wants, will she repeat the word after you have given it to her? It's important to give her that word and ask her to say it and then over time slowly expand the words that you are giving her. For example - when she says "read" as she brings you a book, say back to her "read please" or "read book".

Have a look at this article - there are some great suggestions on stimulating language through play and then there are 3 techniques to keep in mind to help stimulate her language.

It sounds like she is a bright girl and if the teacher says she is happy at school, that's wonderful. Then she's not getting frustrated. Keep in mind also that she is only 2 and at that age kids are just starting to string together 2-3 words together. It really does sound like she's doing fine.


Bassam @ 4:20 pm

Hi Tami

Thanks so very much for your kind reply and sorry to ask again, when you said, "I've seen many children with behavior problems die to lack of communication skills or lack of being understood.", did you mean that you've experienced such behavior problems that fade out ?

April 8, 2012

Tami @ 2:08 pm

Hi Bassam,

Oh my! I meant "due" not "die"! I guess I need to proof read before I hit "send". So sorry. So no, I wasn't talking about behavior problems that fade out in time. I was merely just saying that I've seen kids with behavior problems due to lack of communication skills. Kids may tend to act out or even become physically aggressive if their frustration level becomes too high with not being able to communicate or not being understood.

Sorry for any confusion.

Bassam @ 3:46 pm

Hi Tami,
Thanks so very much for the clarification :)

April 16, 2012

arch @ 10:21 pm

Hi Tami,
my kid is 32 months old. he does not talk anything at al. Only babbles sometimes. He is having speech therapy twice a week. earlier he had it once a week.
he points to the alpahabets correctly since last 2-3 months. understands some colors, does some actions for rhymes etc. but no expression of speech. used to say mamama.. but with no meaning. he has difficulty chewing things and has somewhat low muscle tone.
How can I help him to get some words or proper sounds from him?

April 17, 2012

Komal @ 4:41 am

Hi . Thats the same problem with my 6.5 year old son and we discuss this with speech therapist he suggested 4 three months speek slowly and observe there is no need to therapy but after 3 months we observe there is no change in making sentances. we r still worried..

April 18, 2012

Abc @ 1:29 am

hi sir,
my son is one and half year old.he can able to understand what i am saying to him.he is babbling the words.but when i tell any words to him he is not repeating.he is ignoring to repeat.but my relatives daughter is 1yr and 3months she is trying to repeat whatever her mom tells to her.i feel very sad about my son.what will be the problem?

April 19, 2012

Thulani @ 3:06 am

hello. my son is 3yrs old he cannot speak, he only says very few words like baba etc, he cannot say a sentence, he is very hyper active and has become so naughty lately. hearing and brain tests were done and was fine. what could be the cause of this delay?

frustrated mommy

sharadha @ 10:09 pm


My daughter is 2.5yrs, we started teaching her when she was 6months ago. know even if we ask her to read she hesitates to read along with me, i seriously dont know how to go about it.
I've got her the CD's,colorful books, development activity toys but she hates to read, but blindly she wants to play with the toys.kindly suggest me am i pressurizing her or how are different ways to teach her.

April 22, 2012

mayra @ 12:52 pm

My son was born with a bilateral Cleft lip an cleft palate he has already went through four surgeries including the reconstruction of the palate, he is 19 month old only says "daddy" and not very clear babbles somewhat and makes hand gestures nods his head to yes and no. The speech therapist stated that because he is able to understand everything and very receptive and is able to roll his toungue when eating that the cleft palate has really a slim chance of affecting his speech, she feels that he is a little lazy and really not trying. I would like to see if any one else is experience this and if so is this somewhat correct. Please advise??

April 27, 2012

Lavina @ 6:06 am

My 2.5 years daughter has a vocabulary of about 40-50 words mostly nouns. She does not seem interested in talking. If she needs anything she will pull you and take you. Otherwise she seems fine. She understands everything. Identifies alphabets, fruits animals and so on. Do you think we should take her for an evaluation? At home we speak in two languages and since we do not have a huge friend circle her interactions with other kids is very limited. Could this be the reason for a delay?

April 29, 2012

Tami @ 9:44 am

Hi Arch,

It's great that you have your child in speech therapy already. I would encourage you to ask the speech therapist for suggestions on how to best work with and help your child at home. I have many articles with many suggestions on this website that you can try, but ultimately the therapist who is working with your child should give you suggestions.


Tami @ 9:47 am

Is your 6.5 year old currently in speech therapy? I'm not clear on exactly what the problems are. If you are unhappy with the progress your child is making, perhaps you can find another speech therapist.


Tami @ 9:52 am

Hi Abc,

Your son is still very young at only 1 and a half. There is a large range for typical development for children developing or repeating words. Perhaps have a look at some of the articles on my website to help you stimulate your child's language.

Both of these articles have a lot of great suggestions on stimulating your child's language and encouraging new words. There are several other articles on this website as well.

Good luck.

Tami @ 9:57 am

Hi Thulani,

I don't know what could be the cause of this delay. It's very good that you have already had a hearing evaluation for your son. Perhaps a speech/language evaluation would be a good idea as well. At his age you can get a state funded evaluation through your local school district's Child Find Program. This article may help:

It is possible that a lot of the naughty behavior is because he cannot communicate. He is at a great age for an evaluation and intervention.

Good luck,

Tami @ 10:02 am

Hi Sharadha,

At the age of 2.5, the best way for a child to learn is through play. Have a look at this article for some suggestions:

Through play your child won't even know that you are trying to "teach" her things, she will think you are just playing with her and she will be more open. Playing will take off any pressure that she might be feeling. She needs to develop her own desire for books and simply reading picture books to her (books with not many words) will help her to develop her own desire.

Hope this helps.

Tami @ 10:15 am

Hi Mayra,

Unfortunately, I don't have much experience with cleft palate. The only thing I would suggest (if in fact he is being a little lazy) is give him a reason, motivation to use words. Instead of anticipating his needs, encourage him to use the word - say it for him and encourage him to try to imitate and then give him what he wants. I have several articles with lots of suggestions, so poke around my site and see if you can find some helpful suggestions. Here is one article with lots of tips:

You may also want to get a second opinion from a different speech therapist.

Good luck.

Tami @ 10:28 am

Hi Lavina,

It is very hard to pinpoint the exact cause of a speech/language delay. Some children do great being exposed to 2 language from the beginning and other children have more difficulty. It might be a good idea to have to the 2 language in different contexts, for example with dad she hears and speaks one language and with mom the other. Or at home you all speak one language and outside the home you speak the other. This is only a suggestion.

When she pulls you or takes you to what she wants, it is important that you give her the word for what she wants, for example, "milk, you want milk."

Have a look at the suggestions on these 2 articles:

If these are things you are already doing with your daughter, then perhaps taking her for a speech/language evaluation is a good idea. But do try these suggestions first.

Good luck to you.

Sajini @ 8:39 pm

Hi Tami,
My son will be 6 yrs old in August. Iam worried about his speech. He cant speak one language properly. He is exposed to English, Hindi, Malayalam. He speaks mixing all these three languages. And also he cant make sentences, when we show him a picture or anything and if we ask him to make sentence. He says only the nouns which he can see in the picture. But he dont make sentences. But whatever he speaks that is very clear. He say all the words very clearly. But only the problem is that he cant explain a full scene or full picture or a story to us. He can only make sentence which is 4 words long.
We showed him to doctors also they told me that he is mild autistic.

Please help.

May 7, 2012

Lorena Mandal Sagmao @ 3:46 pm

I been reading your column & I like it..I want to share my problem with my 4 year old son,he can write alphabet,numbers 1-100,spell many words, he can read simple sentence through the use of computers and books but the problem is oftentimes he does not listen and response when we call him,and when he ask something he does not talk straight sentence specially with our dialect…help me what shall i do…thank you

May 12, 2012



Carla @ 9:13 am

My son is 2yrs this, talks all day but doesn't form words. He spent the first yr throwing up all the time and was told it was severe reflux, it turned out that he had a dairy allergy which then lead him to have an aversion to food and it's only recently he's started eating wee bits. He only has about 5 words. He seen a speech therapist today who said she is sure his mouth muscles aren't strong and that he doesn't use his tongue. She give my exercises to do with him.What do I do to strengthen his muscles and will he talk with this help and she wouldn't answer any of my questions straight, just said it was going to be a long process. There's no concern in any other if his development or social skills etc my son really tries to talk and does all day, can u suggest anything to help

she has said she's only prepared to see him once a mth but this isn't enough,can u give me some advice

May 15, 2012

sushma @ 5:00 am

Hi, my baby is 3yrs and 4 months old. she loves to listen music and enjoying it. if she will watch any hindi,marathi song or english rhymes on tv for 3-4 days, definately, she will by-hard 2-3 lines of songs, but her pronounsation is not clear. if i will teach her alphabates / numbers / animals etc., next day she will response me correctly for the same.

But,she can speak setence with 2-3 words only, not more than that. she cant speak innovative words or sentence.
Her pronounsation is not so clear, its very difficult to understand others and sometime me too.

she was with speech therapy for 6 months, but i cant continue due to some personal problem.

pls guide me how to increase her vocabulary so that she can speak clear inovative sentence.

May 21, 2012

Ira @ 11:40 am

Hi Tammy,

I have been looking around the internet for some help since I am very worried about our 26 months old son. He is very advance with his motor skills, but he doesnt speak much. He understands clearly a lot and he says around 40 words and repeats a everything we say but not clearly. Anyways, this does not worry me but what really worries me is his drooling.

He has been drooling a lot since he is 4 months old more or less. We need to change his bibs three times a day. Sometimes he drools more than others, but in general he needs two to three bibs a day.

I took him to a speech therapist and she said he didnt have any issues so we were left to our own and I also took him to an ENT doctor and she said he is totally fine and he will get over it.

But I just dont think it is normal for a 26 month old to drool. I would like your opinion and if possible exercises to help him and amount of time we need to do them.

Do you thin I need to do something else??

We hope to hear from you soon, I am very worried about it!


May 22, 2012

Joyce @ 6:45 am


My son is 2 and a half years old and he babbles a lot. He tries to talk to us but sometimes it's hard for us to understand him. He knows a lot of words but some of them is pronounce wrong. For example, he says ice-em instead of ice cream, tat(cat), yaya(mya).. when i tell him to say dance he says dan. He really has problems with pronouncing words. Just now he took my wallet and said, "No more nani(money) mama." He says a few other sentence like, "come on, let go." I see other kids his age and they are talking in sentences and you can really understand them. In my house we speak in 2 languages and that's in english and filipino language. Maybe that's part of the reason why he is having trouble pronouncing words and is babbling. Oh yeah, his name is shaun but he pronounce it tan. Is this normal for a 2 and a half yrs old? I want to have him evaluated but im still waiting for our insurance. Maybe next month I can have him check already.

Hoping for your reply :)

May 24, 2012

Mary G. @ 7:20 am

My son is almost 2 1/2 and isn't saying many words. He babbles all day long and will do something if you ask him to. If he wants to say actual words he does, the other day he asked me what something was but doesn't do that very often. I'm not sure if he just isn't ready to talk yet or if something else is wrong. He is fine with his motor skills and playing with others, he is in daycare and has cousins a year older and younger than him that he sees all the time. Just wondering what I should do. Thanks.

B. Aaron Nijesh @ 9:12 pm

My son is 2 and half years old . His words are very clear , i can understand his every words and others too. but one doubt for me now a days he is beating other babies.who is younger to him. and he is pushing her. how can i avoid this habits from him. i want some suggestion regarding this. thank you.

May 29, 2012

S Bhatti @ 6:55 am

Hi Tami,
I urgently need your expert advice/suggestions about my 4 years old son. His speech was a little delayed when he was 2 years old. He could speak just single words. At 3, he started making sentences of 3-4 words but then his vocabulary suddendly increased and now at home he is pretty comfortable expressing what he wants although he doesn't always use he proper words. Also his sentences usually follow the same pattern of 'i want this' or 'i want to go there'. He has been going to a pre-school for a year now but his teachers have the same issues to talk about every time I go ..

1- that he enjoys being in the school and seeing other kids play but doesn't know how to become part of the play, eg passing the parcel, he will take the parcel but doesn't know/understand that he's supposed to pass it on (this only happens at school .. at home he does know the cause and effect .. eg once he fell on the bathroom floor because it was slippery and since then he knows he should not run on a wet surface or he might slip)

2- he doesn't talk with his teachers/peers! if he wants something he'll just point to it or the best he can do is he'll slowly say 'i want it' .. its not that he doesn't like them .. he loves going to school and at home he talks about his teachers and friends and knows their correct names .. but even with us he doesn't talk in proper 5-6 word sentences eg. he'll say 'i want this', 'i want to go to xyz', 'i want to eat something' .. just basic level speech .. he just asks 'what' and 'where' questions whereas kids his age ask 'when', 'why' and 'how' too and they very well how to start or carry on a conversation

3- another concern is that he does not make eye contact let alone talk with strangers .. sadly due to this we have been rejected his admission in several schools! although he knows all basic shapes, colors, ABCs, numbers till 20 but since he wasn't making eye contact at the school interview, they rejected

4- whenever we go to any school, office, bookstore or even some friend's home, he starts observing, touching and playing with their stuff .. this happened once in a school's administrator's office and she said that he's 'fidgeting' with everything but not confident enough to look in my eyes .. she also said that most kids his age would be intimidated in a new environment and would stay close to their moms .. just due to this we were rejected admission

Now we have been thinking of getting him evaluated but i need your advice:
a- what evaluation should we get done for him .. psycholoical or speech?

b- will the psychological evaluation conclude if or not he has autism or ADD or spectrum disorder etc?

c- is there something as eye contact evaluation? if not, what would better evaluate his eye contact, or in other words, confidence problem .. the psychological eval or speech eval?

d- he also has some other issues like very picky about food, doesn't like to share things with sister, extreme empathy for anything that falls down .. eg there's a cartoon playing on the tv and it falls down, he will start running and after 4-5 steps he'll deliberately fall down on the sofa and then start crying

Please give me your advice about this matter! Its really important and urgent .. thanks!

June 5, 2012

Raj @ 3:03 pm

Dear Sir/Madam,
My son is 5 yrs old.His speech is not clear,if we ask him a question he will repeat the same but he wont reply & if he replies its not clear.some words are clear.
I am worried,please advice me what should i do or whom should i consult.Thanks

June 12, 2012

sanju @ 10:38 am

Hi Tami.My daughter is 3 years and 5 months old.she can speak our native language(Bengali of Bangladesh) very well.But I want to make her speak English also as fluent as Bengali.she is speaking English also but not very good.Can you please suggest me how to improve her English speaking ability.Thanks

June 13, 2012

shrestha @ 2:47 am

Hi tami, My son of age 3.5 years has more or less same problem as described by S Bhatti and B. Aaron Nijesh, please suggest me how to overcome with this problem.

Thanking you for this website.

June 19, 2012

Cristina Pena @ 2:11 pm

Hi Jenny,

My home is also both english and spanish; When my 2 year old was evaluated at 18 months, I too was told that he did not qualify and to "wait until he was 2 years old". But due to not having free time from work, I had him re-evaluated at 2 years 10 months of age, since he would speak in jargon and made up words- Well, since he was close to being 3 years old, the school district accepted his new evaluation (at this age) and was classified as a preschooler with disability. And now he follows the school calendar and goes to Speech Therapy 2x a week.
My advice is for you to contact your school district and go through them.

June 20, 2012

shobha @ 2:27 am

my daughter is 3+ years old but she is not talking,i have done all the tests ,semms every thing is normal.she understands everything,follow all commands but speaks only 5-6 she is also going to play school but facing speaking problem.iam very much worried.

Cristina Pena @ 5:39 am

Shobba- Contact your school district and have them evaluate your daughter.

Cristina Pena @ 5:45 am

Yesterday I was doing some research on how to help my 3yr old, since his speech classes end because he follows the school year. So- I came across some information and some youtube videos of Speech Apraxia. The children sound exactly like my 3yr old. I will definitely bring this concern up in September when he goes back to speech therapy.

Apraxia information link-

Just copy and paste

Youtube videos- link or

Good Luck Everyone!

June 21, 2012

shobha @ 12:48 am

Hi cristina,
I am very much worried,what do you think about my daughter's behaviour?I will evaluate my daughter asap.pls tell is she ok?

nancy @ 7:19 pm

my daughter is3years and7months,sometimes she repeats the word 3 to 4 times,sometimes she doesn t do that,she can sing without any repeat of any word,please advise me how to solve this problem.she only repeat the first word in the sentence.

June 27, 2012

vijeyata @ 5:48 am

Hi Tami,

Your site is very helpful.thank you so much at the same time I have one problem that my daughter is 22 months old and she is going through medication of Epilepsy…she learned things little late same is happening with speech.She only says "papa" mamma" its not like she does not understand…she understands command very well but not able to speak.I am worried about her please advice…

Tami @ 6:56 pm

Hi Ira,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on your question. Without seeing your son in person, I an unable to give you proper exercises. Perhaps you can have another consult with the speech therapist you already took your son to and she can provide you with exercises.

It does sound like it will clear up on it's own, especially if both the ENT and speech therapist said there was nothing structurally wrong.

Good luck,

Tami @ 7:04 pm

Hi Joyce,
It is typical for a 2 and a half year old to not have clear speech. Many sounds at this age are still developing. For example you said his name is Shaun - the /sh/ is a later developing sound and his substitution of the /t/ sound is typical.I would give him another 6-8 months before getting him evaluated.

Take a look at the 18-36 month old section of this article:


Tami @ 7:24 pm

Hi Mary G.,

When I read your description of your son, it immediately made me wonder if he has the "motivation" to use his words. Have a look at this article:

It's important that children at this age understand that they there is a need to communicate. There may be more or something else completely going on, but I encourage you to read this article and try some of these suggestions first.

Thanks Mary and good luck.

Tami @ 11:15 pm

Hi B. Aaron Nijesh,

I am not a behavior specialist, however I do know that not being able to communicate is often a huge source of frustration for children and it is not uncommon to see children who are so frustrated, act out. But you say that you can understand your son. So given that, I am not comfortable giving you suggestions for this. Hopefully it is just a short stage that your son is going through.


Tami @ 11:20 pm

Hi S Bhatti,

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you regarding your concerns. From what you've explained, it is hard to know what might be going on with your son. There are many things possible. I would take him for a full developmental evaluation. Instead of just speech/language or psychological, it sounds like it would be wise to get a full evaluation done. You can call your local school district for referrals or perhaps there is a Children's Hospital in your area.

Good luck,

July 3, 2012

Tami @ 9:23 am

Thank you Christina for sharing these links on apraxia.

Tami @ 9:28 am

Dear Raj,

At 5 years old you should be able to understand what your child is saying and, yes I would encourage you to get a speech/language evaluation. Because he is now school age, you can request an evaluation at your public school district's elementary school. You can read this article for more information.

Thank you,

Tami @ 9:35 am

Dear Sanju,

Well, the first question I have is has she been exposed to both language from the beginning? DOes she watch any TV programs in English? There are a lot of great educational programs on PBS and Nick Jr. Perhaps she would learn English better if one parent spoke to her in one language and the other parent only used the other language with her. I know families that do this and it seems to work well. I'm sure her English will improve with more exposure to the language.

Good luck,

Tami @ 9:37 am

Dear Shrestha,

Please read my comments to S Bhatti.

Tami @ 9:41 am

Dear Shobha,

Yes, it sounds like you should have her evaluated and you can do this through your public school's Child FInd program.You can have a look at this article for more information.


Tami @ 9:58 am

Hi Nancy,

I am not an expert in the field of fluency/stuttering disorders. I do know that at your daughters age it is often outgrown on it's own. But then there are those children that don't outgrow it and it continues to be a struggle as they get older. Obviously without seeing her, I have no idea which category she would fit into. I would encourage you to have her evaluated or at least to talk with someone who is more familiar with stuttering.You can also have a look at this article for further help and information.

Hope this helps

July 9, 2012

laxmi k aryal @ 11:05 am

Thank you for helping us .

July 17, 2012

deborah @ 5:58 am


My daughter is 2 year old. She doesn't say any words at all she used 2 say ma ma, da da, hi ya, wow and dats bout it but now she doesn't say any words. She doesn't make eye contact wen ur trying 2 talk 2 her. When she needs anything she won't even point 2 it she jus pushes u against whatever it is she wants. Sometimes I feel she is completely in her own wee world she doesn't react 2 others around her, when anyone familiar cums into da room she doesn't even notice. Her hearing seems fine so I don't tink it is anything 2 do with that. I am really worried

Tami @ 10:06 pm

Hi Deborah,
Has your daughter had her 2 year check up with the doctor yet? These are behaviors and concerns that you should bring up with the doctor. Sometimes at this age, the doctor will suggest waiting to see if she grows out of it. If this is what he tells you, you probably should ask him for a referral anyways for a speech/language pathologist.

From what you have described, I think you should seek a speech/language evaluation. You can even go through your local school district's Child Find program. Here is an article with more information.

Best of luck.

July 18, 2012

Chantel 450 @ 8:24 pm

Hi Tami,

My son is 21 months old and he does not speak. He began early intervention at 18 months where he has a speech therapist and a special ed instructor to help him pay attention and play with his toys with more meaning. They both see him once a week for an hour.

He has no words, he used to babble and say dada at 8,9 months but now nothing. When he wants something he just wines and we have to figure out what he wants, he does not point, he does not say bye bye or even wave when you do it to him. I am extremely worried about him as with 3 months of therapy there is still no progress. He was born with left facial nerve palsey that cleared up in the first month of his life and he still does not have all his teeth, 4 on top 2 on the bottom. I was just wondering if mabye these issues might be what is keeping him back? And should i let him have a phsycological evaluation?

July 25, 2012

praveen @ 3:33 am

Dear Tami,
My son is now running in 32 months. He can't speak properly. he can just speaks few words like- BABA, PAPA, MAMA, MIMMY,TATATA… TAKKA TAKKA etc.
He can't fallow our commands, he does only what he likes. Now we have been sending him school, he can't adjust ( sit) with mass. He wants to play alone. Now his teacher said that he has been picking up their command and sit properly in the class room.
But you know even we noticed that he understood each things, like baby come to eat, drink water, lets go out for walking, respect to god… come to drink ( breast feeding ),
We don't think he has hearing problem because when we play his favorite songs he has come quickly and lesions, when there are any new sound he immediately recognized.
we are just worried about …he will speak later or not, if there are any complication can you suggest what kind of treatment need for him…please please


Tami @ 4:37 pm

Dear Praveen,
Have you considered having an evaluation done. Given your son's age and the delays in language that you write about here, I would encourage you to take him for a speech/language or an overall developmental evaluation. You can look at this article for more information:

Thank you for visiting my website.

Tami @ 4:53 pm

Hi Chantel,

I do believe 21 months is too young for a psychological evaluation. It's fantastic that he has already started early intervention services. I commend you for getting this started already!

Often times though, it does take a few months before you start seeing any progress, so please don't give up on it! Also, make sure that you are watching the therapy so that you know what to do and how to help stimulate his language when they are not there. There are a lot of great articles on this website on how to help stimulate and expand your child's language. Here are just a few good ones, but poke around the site for other information too.

I hope these articles help.
Good luck and have fun with it. Remember, you are your child's best therapist. You are the one with him all the time. The therapists coming to your home should be emphasizing this and teaching you how to best work/play with your son in order to stimulate his language.


July 31, 2012

Sarah @ 1:19 pm

Hi. My son is 12.5 months old. He is hemophiliac so I tend to worry
If there is any delay in his milestones ( I'm always fearing a brain bleed
something that people with bleeding disorders hav to look out for.

At 8, 9 months he used to do a lot of mama, dada and nana etc. but he has
stopped of late , maybe since the past month or so. He will say tata at most
and just lots of gurgling noises sounding rather conversational. He recognizes
many words, including his name but shows little interest in copying me when u say
mama etc. Need I be worried? My first reaction wud be to go for a ct scan to rule out
a brain bleed. Any advice wud be highly appreciated. Thanks

Sarah @ 1:33 pm

Hi. My son is 12.5 months old. He has a blood clotting disorder, hemophilia A. So I tend to worry about any developmental delays as they may indicate a brain bleed.

At 8, 9 months he used to babble quite a bit saying baba mama dada ( without any meaning of course). But since the past couple of weeks he has stopped using these entirely. He makes gurgling noises in a conversational manner, sometimes says tata. That's all. He shows no interest in imitations me when I say mama etc. he understands different words such as his name and his hearing seems fine. Need I be concerned? I will want to then take him for a ct scan of the head, or do u think I can wait and see?

August 7, 2012

megha @ 6:25 am

my son is 3 year 7 month old… problem is that he has just started speaking, he knows A-Z, he knows counting 1-20 both in writing also…but he speaks very less, i think he responds maximum to me, his teacher always complain that he never speaks to her. he is otherwise very intelligent and active. he can speak some sentences but only of two to three words. he knows all his rhymes, he narrates some words only , but not speak full. i am quiet afraid of his future as he will have to be interviewed for his schooling after some months……
please help me for that i am in huge need

August 22, 2012

vani @ 6:52 am

My son 2.4 months,he says 1 to 10 and A to Z and more than 100 words,but he didnt speak chain words{ex.mummy come here} like that,what is the reason i want mam,my mother language is tamil but mostly my neighbours is telugu Is this reason? i dont please give a remedy for this

August 25, 2012

Ella @ 7:45 am

Good day. My son is already 22 months. He can walk, run and manipulate objects well specially playing cars and balls but he speak only mama,vowel o & a. i'm very worried about his status.What should I do? Thanks.

August 29, 2012

olayemi @ 8:46 am

my son is 4 years old.he has speech but not clear.he used to be hyperactive,but now a bit calm.he does not have eye contact.he plays alone,he laughs uncontrollable at times,he cannot express himself atall.what can i do?

August 30, 2012

Jack @ 2:06 pm

I have my 3 year old in therapy for a low vocabulary. One of the things the therapist said to do was to track their progress so we could see real evidence of their vocabulary growing instead of anecdotal evidence. ( I use a phone app, voKIDulary). My child is 3 and her granparents only understand her less than 50% of the time. Therapy hasn't helped much yet but we've only just started. Another thing you should check is their hearing. That is one of the first things we did and everything came back normal. If the child can't hear the correct pronunciation, how are they going to say it correctly. If you are really concerned, you should ask your doctor. The internet is only good for suggestions. You shouldn't base any parenting decisions on a chat room or comment section.

September 8, 2012

elizabeth @ 11:08 pm

my daught will be turning 4 on november nd is only say about 10-15 words. i have taken her to her doctor but her doctor says i shouldnt be worried that shes only lazy to talk. is there anything else i could maybe do at home to help her a little more?

September 12, 2012

Crystal @ 8:49 am

My son is 5, he was diagnosed with a seizure disorder at the age of 2.5. There was a slight abnormality in the left side of his brain, but the abnormality is no longer showing on tests. He has very little speech, only using one word at a time when prompted. His neurologists does not think he is autistic but has diagnosed him with a severe speech delay. He has had EI and speech therapy since the age of 2. His therapists also agree that he is not autistic. He has great eye contact, very loving and interacts (wants people involved with what he is doing). I am at a loss on where to go now or what to do to help my son. He is a typical 5 year old boy in every aspect EXCEPT speech. He is also still on seizure medication. Could this be causing his delay? We noticed when the level of medication drops he starts to pick up speech, then his medication is increased to keep seizures under control and speech stops. HELP PLEASE

October 3, 2012

Kim @ 3:27 am

Hi there , I really appreciate your time and feed back … My son is 27 months … He has always been on track with everything and literally has never been sick-not even an ear infection. He is extremely smart and his comprehension whether its a quick command of a full sentence Is fantastic… In the past month, so around 26 months he has gotten much more vocal whereas before it was still a lot of babble and just a few words here and there. The past month we have been trying to make a very conscious effort to make him repeat words or ask for things instead of just giving to him (and I will admit we haven't been the best at that prior) he hasn't really formed 2 word sentences yet however just today we told him while he was climbing "you need to be careful " and he replied "I am" … I know it's short but the fact he said it very clear and it made sense to what we had just said was a great feeling! I do think he is a "late talker"… But the fact that I am seeing improvement in just the past month does give me peace that he's ok just spoiled from us prior! Anyway just wanted to ask, he can say about 50 words (most very clear) and seems to be starting 2 word sentences and still babbles alot… He is showing progress … Do you think at this time further evaluation is needed??? Thank you, sorry for the long comment! :)

vijay kumar @ 5:50 pm

I have a child who can listen but he can't speak and can't understand any thing that mean he never concentrate his mind he have 2/5 year old. what i do? please give me best suggestion sir.

October 7, 2012

sabah baig @ 11:24 pm

I m from karachi,pakistan. my daughter is 3 years old she is able to speak some words and very short sentences just like i need water ,food etc but there are 2 or 3 words in her sentences .she cant repet properly which she listen. i m so much worried about her.even she can say name ,she cant tell her name to others in this condetion she cant join any montessori or pre school.what should i do?

October 21, 2012

hemn @ 11:55 am

its very good and i enjoy it, tnx

November 6, 2012

Jayaprakash Gaonkar @ 3:54 am

My son tuurned 4 on 1st Nov.this year.He is not at the same level as his fellow classmates interms of speech. he makes snetences with lot of gramatical mistakes. He is good at reading pictures, recognizes colours & shapes. but when it comes to saying rhymes or story telling his pronounciation is not clear.His speech is still not very clear. he tells his name , his school name . he can repeat any hard word also . He is absolutely fit interms of his physcical fitness/activity & very energetic.…
Is he normal for 4 year ofr unclear / erratic speech?
Pls help I am very worried

November 17, 2012

Prashansa @ 11:19 am

Hi..My son turned 3 years old on 13th Nov 2012.His speech is not clear.He understands and recognizes colours,pictures of animals,vehicles and some shapes.But when he is saying rhymes his pronounciation is not clear and sometimes he missed some words in rhymes.He can tell his full name but not clear.I think he is having problem mostly with letter R/r.he pronounce letter L instead of R.He can understand simple instructions very well.When he try to form a sentence he did not use he want water. then he only says baba/dady water/pani.not saying I want water.At home we speak both our local language (Marathi) and English.Is is this normal for 3 years old boy.or we need to take any treatment? Please help me.We are worried.

December 7, 2012

jocelynverna @ 12:38 am

My daughter Pia is still 6months old but I slowly introduced her how to speak and her first word was daddy, it was so great! Reading post like this helps a lot to mom's like me.

March 4, 2013

Laurelle @ 11:14 am

I just found this webpage today and was reading through some of the comments and answers on here. I would really appreciate hearing your opinion of my son. He just turn three a month ago. He knows his colors and can recognize his letters and sound out words when he sees them on things, in the sense that he knows what the letters should individually sound like. He's learning his numbers still and some of his shapes but he understand literally everything I say to or ask of him. I can ask him to do something with as many different parts as I wish and he will do exactly that, but he isn't really making sentences on his own. I can get him to repeat words back to me so that he makes a sentence. Such as "i need to go potty." But he only repeats each word after me and he misses some of the sounds. He will ask for help with things but only in the sense that he will say the word help. He seems to have problems with (p,r,k,y,w,x,c.) Meaning that he consistantly cuts out those consanents when he is saying the words he knows. When he's around other people he rarely talks at all and many of my relatives and friends don't think he can talk. I work with him on his words using flash cards and try to get him to say sentences when he asks for things and repeat words back to him. We also work on writing his letters every other day and then identifying them and applying them to words or sentences. Should I be worried? Is there anything I can do for him that I am not doing?

March 8, 2013

Safia Nosheen @ 12:40 am

My four and half year child drooling sometime while speaking.Should i consult a child specialist for this or will it recover by it self.

March 13, 2013

Priyanka @ 7:52 am

My daughter is 31/2 ,I am concerned about her speech .we speak different language at home my daughter neither speaks he language or English .she is going to daycare from age 1 and still continuing .she can't express her self much except few words instead of sentences .she sings songs but not clear .she can only speak lot if words nothing in sentence .i am worried ,how to develop her speech skills.please help.

March 23, 2013

Isha Singh @ 3:08 am

My little brother, 3 yrs and 6 months can say a few words like "mama" ,"papa",etc..But he can't repeat the words more than once…
He is my small brother and I along with my whole family are really very worried about his speech problem. Becoz he can't express himself . he is also facing much troubles. ..
PLz help us ……

April 4, 2013

Edwin Medrano @ 5:51 pm

Hello Tami, I find your article and comments to be very helpful and informative. Hopefully you can provide me some advice as of how to help my step-son to get better on his speech skills. He is 3 1/2 years old, having some difficulties combining words or forming a sentence. He has been going to a speech therapist for 2 months now, twice a week, but has improved very little. He is very smart and recognizes objects and understands certain commands but have problems paying attention and focusing. He will be 4 yrs. in August and we are afraid that his speech problems will hinder his social and educational development. Please advise at your earliest convenience..!! Thank you

Paige @ 10:10 pm

Hi i loved this article and alot of the things you said i will be implementing into our new daily schedules! But i have been wanting some one on one advice my son is 3 now and while he does say some words like "thanks you, glasses, juice, george thomas, car" ect he likes to babble mostly and very rarely speaks around strangers, our dr has recommended we have a speech evaluation done and ive called a local school and gave them our info. to set that up (awaiting a call back))now my husband has taken this very hard is evisioning worst case senario autisim but as a mom in my gut i know its not that series! ive talked to our caregiver and she is on board witth helping implementing some sort of home speech therapy to help him along now! He is also not wanting to potty train as well but is phtysically aware of when he goes just not verbal, was wondering if this could tie to speech? Any advice would be appreciate things i could do with him tot encourage better speech less shyness lol hes a very quit well mannered chid

April 5, 2013

Amber @ 3:50 pm

My son is three and speaks very clearly however,he can not follow two steps directions and if he doesn't understand what I ask of him, he will start talking about a cartoon or something else. How do I improve his receptive language?

April 13, 2013

Tami @ 11:30 am

Hi Laurelle,

It sounds like from what you describe, that your son is very smart. Many of the sounds he is having difficulty with are developmentally age appropriate (meaning it is okay at his age to have these errors). It's great that you are modeling correct sentences for him as well. It sounds like you are on the right track with your son. Continue to model for him and expand his utterances - so when he says "help", you model back with a few extra words such as "help please" or "mommy help please" or even more specific to what he needs help with. I would probably give it at least another 6 months or so and if you are not seeing any growth with his language skills, then maybe have him evaluated by a Speech/Language Pathologist.

Good luck,

Tami @ 11:35 am

Hi Safia Nosheen,

If this has been an ongoing issue and there are other problems you see associated with the drooling (low muscle tone in his mouth, unclear speech) then maybe I would consult a specialist or at least his pediatrician. However, if he just recently started drooling then perhaps he has a molar coming in or maybe even enlarged tonsils. If it doesn't clear up soon, you might want to consult his pediatrician.


April 26, 2013

Vaij @ 12:37 pm

My daughter just turned three last month. She has been to daycare for past 2 months and she is able identify numbers from 1 to 15 and all alphabets and can write almost all alphabets without help. She speaks full sentences that too in a high level language because of her older sister. She is able to follow the instructions in my mother tongue too. She is too shy and closed when she is with strangers or less known people. But at school she is socializing with everybody, dancing and singing rhymes and eating by herself. The thing is her speech is not very clear for others to get it. Is it a sign of some problem? Or is it quite normal? Because my older one spoke clearly at 2 years, I am little confused and concerned. Help me please.

May 2, 2013

Ligia @ 9:37 am

Hello all,

I really need some advice. My son is about to turn 31 months in a couple of days and he is still not talking in complete sentences. He was evaluated a couple of months ago and it was decided that he needs speech therapy. We speak to him mainly in Spanish but his therapist only uses English. He still has yet to say a word to her and we are going into our seventh therapy (he sees her once a week) He knows many words but does not put them together. He will point to whatever he wants and occasionally drop a word here and there. He is a very shy but will usually get over his shyness withing a couple of minutes. Due to the fact that Autism runs in our family I am very concerned in regards to whether or not my son has it. As i mentioned earlier, my son points to things, plays with other kids, and doesn't seem to have any other symptoms that are normally present in other children with autism. I want to know what others think and if anyone has ever experienced this. I talked to the ladies that did his evaluation and they told me that they would not label him as being autistic but is there a possibility that they are wrong? has this ever happened to anyone? I am terrified because i want to make sure my son is getting the help he needs. I am very concerned and do not know what to think. My mother and husband think i am overreacting but i don't know what to think. Anyone out there with the same situation?

May 3, 2013

somi @ 4:30 am

Hi Tami,

Hope you are well. My son is 2.5 years old. He says about 15 words. Those 15 words include some of his fav foods or toys apart from mama and papa. The speech therapist diagonesed him with being a lilttle hyperactive with good languange development becoz he undertsand sverything and can follow our instructions but speech development seems to be not as per his age. Therfore he has asked us to take sessions from occupational therapist. I still have to see her in the seond week of May. Is there something to worry? We havent really been talking to him a lot and he has been exposed to a lot of tv ( cartoons) since the last 6 -7 months. Could thsi be a reason for delay in speech development? Kinldy help. Many thanks in advance.

May 6, 2013

shobha @ 2:34 am

Pls help me out and advice my daughter is 4.6 years old but her speech is very poor,she is very active ,she understands,attending play school with other children,speaks many non understanable words etc.say some words like mama,papa,nani etc but cant communicate like other children do of her age,she is also attending speech classes,some improvement is there but not too much.iam worried alot what should we do now?will my girl will spk in normal way in future.pls reply..we dont have hereditary problem of delay speech…

May 9, 2013

Sarah @ 1:46 pm

Hello! I enjoyed your article. I was hoping you could recommend exercises for my almost-four year old. We had her speech tested last year and she started therapy in November. She attends pre k twice a week. We thought the social aspect of a classroom setting would be beneficial instead of just meetings with a therapist. I like the opportunity for her to have access to art and peers since we are currently states away from family. We will be moving back to family and friends this fall and am not certain if we will enroll her in pre k again before kindergarten in 2015. Her therapist mentioned what I feel is her greatest obstacle in communicating when she just starts talking in what seems super speed mode. It sounds like gibberish. She gets excited and a while bunch of sounds together and we cannot understand any of it. I might catch one word. Maybe. Other words I can sometimes get in context. And some words and sentences are clear as a bell. I stay home with her and her 9 month old sister and would like to work with her, but am not sure if there is a technical term for this delay so I can seek out literature on the subject and help her along in her language development. I was put off by the fact that her speech therapist was baffled by her excited ramblings as much as we are. It seemed she was at a loss on the matter and I want to help her at least during the summer months when the school is not in session and then evaluate her progress to determine if continued ST would be beneficial. Thanks in advance for your opinion!

May 11, 2013

Rita @ 9:13 pm

My son will he three in july. He speaks all the time but we barely undrstand him..maybe about 80 percent we understand. He does not do well with back and forth conversation. How can i help him? He us very bright,sings songs, knows all his letters and numbers to 20. He ask questions, and gets super upset when we can not understand him. He loves other kids, but is mostly a liner. Do you think this is because of his speech? Any advice will help.

May 26, 2013

veronica @ 6:59 pm

Hey, my 27 month old daughter is currently under a speech therapist in the UK. She babbles all of the rime and can say every word going. The problem is she diesnt know a single meaning to a word and will only repeat you. I can ask where is the light or whats that.. she reoeats the question back rather than answers it. She doesnt do any commands except few like kiss and hug.. ive found the above pretty useful info as I am actually doing some of these without any advice so far and will do tje rest as suggested. Im just hoping its not a long term thing. Anyone else had this and what was your outcome??

May 28, 2013

tina caruana @ 10:26 pm

how do you know if your 9yr old needs speech therapy?

July 3, 2013

Smita Shetty @ 3:47 am

My son daughter is going to be 2 by next month. He was speaking well in the initial stages till 1 1/2 yrs. now a days he doesnt look at us when he we are speaking to him. we are trying to talk to him by making him look at our face. but he look at us only for few seconds. he is not trying to pronounce any new word. wat shall we do?? Tak her for a speech therapy or train at home itself. kindly give a solution as soon as possible.

July 21, 2013

Jayde @ 11:43 pm

Hi my 6 year old daughter has speech therapy for 2 years now. Big improvement.. But with our Mother language Turkish, she can't really talk, answers us in English. Please help. I don't know what other help she needs..

July 22, 2013

Saurabh @ 9:11 am

Hi my niece is 4 yrs old and she doesnot speak till now. She has grown violent day by day… She feeels hungry every half an hour interval. If not provided she would

start scratching, biting and beating others infront of her. Most of the times she gets down her pants or lift up her dress showing anxiety.
She sometimes speaks some words on her own or sometimes very randomly but when we ask her she would never respond .She reacts as if she doesnot want to speak. As we

observe , she undersatnds everything, but not able to retrieve or remember and use it on exact places. In all other aspects she seems to be normal. If we laugh or

smile she would also.. if we ask her actions of jump, cry, smile look upon things, show di9feerent body parts she would respond very well. But till now she doesnot

speak even her walking, gripping, feeding food to herself is not balanced at all.
As per doctors at the time of birth she had oxygen shortage. But uptil the age of 12 months she was very normal but later with time we have seen her getting slow and

unresponsive day by day.. She has convulsions problem and at young age fell down very oftenly growing senseless and cause casualities. Treatments of all types is still

going on but no or very less improvement in her status…We are very worried bout her…..We dont know how to help her.At first sight people say she is mentally

retarded but we are not able to accept her and could go to any extent to help her being as a normal chils…….Please suggest about her disease and its cure…We will

be grateful to you……..We have lost all our hopes…… Please please please help….!!!!!

July 28, 2013

Esha @ 1:09 pm

Hi there. I'm a twelve year old girl and trying to get my two year old brother to say five words in a week. He knows how to speak to me a little bit.but it seems that he doesn't register one word that quickly. Its been a month that I've been teachingk him the words cat, arms ,and eyes. He says eyes and cats sometimes. Is this normal? By the way, I have another brother who is four and he already knows how to read flat card when he was two. The little one will do baby can read program. I'm just wondering if the little guys. Have a problem

August 15, 2013

Zubaida @ 11:07 pm

Hi Tami

I live in pakistan so cant access the facalities available in US. Was going through ur page and found it very helpfull, need your guidance, hope u will help me.

My daughter is 3 years 10 months old, but she is hardly talking. she oly says 8-10 words like(mama, baba, papa), she understands everything, follow all commands, her pointing is too good, socially she is very good, she has developed her own sign language, but now she is getting tooo annoyed/frustrated due this delay.
I have done all tests recommanded by doctoers here in Pakistan, hearing, MRI. everthing is perfectly fine, its the global developmental delay (according to doctors)

She had feeding issues since her birth, than later on she was not able to chew, i used to giv her blended food, she sarted chewing at the age of 2.75 - 3 years of age, so i belive her mouth muscles were not developed properly, even now occassionally food comes out from her mouth (unintentionaly/ she is unable to take it in)

I am take her to speech therapist once a week (1hr session) since March 2013)but the progress is toooooooooooooo slow.

Can you help me to diagnose her problem and tell me about books and cds that can be helpfull in this.

My sister lives in CA, USA, she can buy them for me.

I have another kid, son 1 year 10 months old, apperantly there is no issue with his speech but he copies his sister too much and says only those words which she says, but if i force him to say a certain word, after 15-20 tries he vl say it once,
Does he need therapy too?


August 19, 2013

jessica @ 8:11 am

hi! my 6yr old son speaks not so clear, but trying to make it clear by speaking slowly and repeating the words until he could do it.. are we really need a speech therapist or i will just practice him often and reinforce with some ways to help him. thank you

March 3, 2014

Anonymous @ 6:54 pm

take him to a occupational therapist. we had the same issue with our son
and he has shown a lot of improvement.!

March 29, 2014

Joy Debnath @ 3:14 am

My son is 3 years 10 months old, but he is not talking. he oly says 8-10 words like(mama, baba, papa), He understands everything, follow commands,but no talk & his mentaly progress is to slow.His Brain EEG report some epilexy.

Can you help me to diagnose his problem and tell me about books and cds that can be helpfull in this.

April 8, 2014

Rajani @ 10:39 pm

My son is 2 years and 4 months old. He speaks only single words. Whatever his wants and needs are communicated thru single words or gestures. But he sings a lot of rhymes even with actions. He is able to follow simple commands.
Please help me with his speech development.

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